I made the best pancakes

I made the best pancakes with anise, almond and orange!

I made the best pancakes with anise, almond and orange! Yesterday we ducked into the Oaktown Spice Shop to avoid some motorcycles coming towards us on the sidewalk and I picked up a little bag of anise seeds. The shop keep told me that they are generally used in making biscotti and pair well with citrus. Maybe they would be good in pancakes I posed, and they thought that was funny but maybe…The thing is that I do not really bake but we make pancakes for breakfast all the time.

This morning I tried it out and it was magic. I cleaned my coffee grinder and put in the anise seeds and then some almonds. I grated an orange and add them to my standard pancake ingredients: one cup of milk, one cup of flour, one or two eggs, a tsp of baking powder and a tps of oil. Then extras like banana, vanilla, a little sugar, and frozen blueberries can be added if you have them or not. The biscotti breakfast pancakes were made with a little brown sugar, a squeeze of the orange and some frozen blueberries. I use coconut oil in the pan to prevent sticking and bit of agave syrup underneath on the plate to lightly sweeten. I will definitely make them again, even Clover said they were the best thing ever!

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