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things I like

This post is all the things that I like and are mostly things to wear. ^_^

Star dominoes from the Cosmic Collection at More & Co.

This herringbone clutch by Clare Vivier

Pajamas from Sleepy Jones. I like the liberty floral.

This backpack from edababe.

These slippers from BureBureSlippers.

This Odette necklace

And pretty much everything Truck sells. Clothing for me and Emma Clover. ^_^

Fine Little Day has the cutest children’s clothes now. Swooning for the sky dress and the gran sweatshirt for Emma since I cannot get them in my size.

Lastly, I love reading the Orangette blog of Molly Wizenberg. She is an amazing storyteller and makes things that sound delicious. This recipe for clafoutis must be made.

its time to fall for fashions

alice goddard

photo of Alice Goddard by Vanessa Jackman

Since I have been working hard looking for places to live everyday for a while now I thought I would give myself a break and enjoy looking for cute fall clothes on the internet instead. Its fun but its true that I have great stuff already—I just like to look.


This classic sweater and collared plaid shirt combo is from Madewell. I do like their clothes a whole lot and have bought a few things in the past that I continually wear.

Always checking out boots no matter what the season. I like these simple black boots from Modcloth. I have never really understood the lace and zipper combo but I guess I am letting that slide here. This pair looks comfortable for all the walking I do.

I recently bought a pair of pants from a store that I had credit. I would have never even tried them on otherwise but I did and have worn them for three days straight. The company is Big Star 1974 and I got them at Convert in Berkeley. The pair that I have are a straight leg in a black rinse. They are so very comfortable! I have already thought about buying another pair so I could wear them everyday.

Also for reference I check out my scrapbook of clothing & style preferences collected on Pinterest. I really like this collection because it reminds me that I have nice taste and do not always try to dress like this guy—which I LOVE but its a bit frumpy for me. I really want to look like this.

everything linen

more & co tunic

Linen is perfect to me. I try to be more of a minimalist and then I see some well designed piece made in this fabric and I freak out and want everything.

Linen towels by Fog Linen Work found at the More & Co. shop, and amazing linen tunics, this shirt from J Crew. And I do believe that linen sheets must also be luxurious.

I have this linen tank top that I got at the thrift shop for like three dollars and I wore it all through my pregnancy. I wear it once a week even now and love it more and more every time. It wears so well. I wish that I had more of them in different colors!

pregnancy is made better by these things

It goes without saying that maiki is first on this list. He is the most wonderful and caring partner that I could hope for. Thanks dood!

The other things that have also been very nice to have:

1. Lucky brand maternity jeans. I bought them at the thrift store for seven dollars when I was four months pregnant. I did a victory dance in the dressing room when I put them on and they were the perfect size. They are super comfortable and I wear them A LOT. Also a plus, they have clovers on the insides of the pockets so I think they was meant to be. ^_^

2. Linen tank top. Also from the thrift store and purchased around the same time as jeans. It is not a maternity top but is lovely and flattering and comfortable. It is my new favorite article of clothing. Along with wrap sweaters and loose tanks it has been a workhorse in my wardrobe.

3. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps lotion. This stuff is so thick and moisturizing. It is fairly priced and I slather my tummy with it daily. In the beginning I had purchased some Dr. Hauschka products for my growing body but was disappointed in them for several reasons and went and bought a big bottle of the Creme de Corps. The scent is minimal and that was a big plus when everything I smelled turned my stomach.

4. Epsom salt. Baths are wonderful and the epsom salt takes my aches and pains away. I am a busy teacher of young children and am on my feet all day long. After a soak I feel a million times better. Also I add some mild scented body wash/liquid soap to make it smell nice.

5. Body pillow. Still on the fence about the one that I bought but it works. I wanted something that would be functional past pregnancy but I am not happy enough with the one that I picked to recommend it specifically. Women rave about the wonders of body pillows and I believe that they make a big difference. I wish mine was more like a cloud.

6. Pretty necklaces. They help to elevate the way that I feel by just adding a little something. I love my felt Homako necklace and wearing it with my hand me down maternity clothes really helps to pull my outfits together.