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pregnancy is made better by these things

It goes without saying that maiki is first on this list. He is the most wonderful and caring partner that I could hope for. Thanks dood!

The other things that have also been very nice to have:

1. Lucky brand maternity jeans. I bought them at the thrift store for seven dollars when I was four months pregnant. I did a victory dance in the dressing room when I put them on and they were the perfect size. They are super comfortable and I wear them A LOT. Also a plus, they have clovers on the insides of the pockets so I think they was meant to be. ^_^

2. Linen tank top. Also from the thrift store and purchased around the same time as jeans. It is not a maternity top but is lovely and flattering and comfortable. It is my new favorite article of clothing. Along with wrap sweaters and loose tanks it has been a workhorse in my wardrobe.

3. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps lotion. This stuff is so thick and moisturizing. It is fairly priced and I slather my tummy with it daily. In the beginning I had purchased some Dr. Hauschka products for my growing body but was disappointed in them for several reasons and went and bought a big bottle of the Creme de Corps. The scent is minimal and that was a big plus when everything I smelled turned my stomach.

4. Epsom salt. Baths are wonderful and the epsom salt takes my aches and pains away. I am a busy teacher of young children and am on my feet all day long. After a soak I feel a million times better. Also I add some mild scented body wash/liquid soap to make it smell nice.

5. Body pillow. Still on the fence about the one that I bought but it works. I wanted something that would be functional past pregnancy but I am not happy enough with the one that I picked to recommend it specifically. Women rave about the wonders of body pillows and I believe that they make a big difference. I wish mine was more like a cloud.

6. Pretty necklaces. They help to elevate the way that I feel by just adding a little something. I love my felt Homako necklace and wearing it with my hand me down maternity clothes really helps to pull my outfits together.