its time to fall for fashions

alice goddard

photo of Alice Goddard by Vanessa Jackman

Since I have been working hard looking for places to live everyday for a while now I thought I would give myself a break and enjoy looking for cute fall clothes on the internet instead. Its fun but its true that I have great stuff already—I just like to look.


This classic sweater and collared plaid shirt combo is from Madewell. I do like their clothes a whole lot and have bought a few things in the past that I continually wear.

Always checking out boots no matter what the season. I like these simple black boots from Modcloth. I have never really understood the lace and zipper combo but I guess I am letting that slide here. This pair looks comfortable for all the walking I do.

I recently bought a pair of pants from a store that I had credit. I would have never even tried them on otherwise but I did and have worn them for three days straight. The company is Big Star 1974 and I got them at Convert in Berkeley. The pair that I have are a straight leg in a black rinse. They are so very comfortable! I have already thought about buying another pair so I could wear them everyday.

Also for reference I check out my scrapbook of clothing & style preferences collected on Pinterest. I really like this collection because it reminds me that I have nice taste and do not always try to dress like this guy—which I LOVE but its a bit frumpy for me. I really want to look like this.

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