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things that I like

Things that I like but did not buy. I am usually a careful spender and only buy things that I actually need, will use right now and are well made. Buying things for Emma also takes priority because she needs to replace her clothing and shoes all the time as she keeps growing. All this doesn’t stop me from looking at everything, oogling all the shoes and trying on pretty vintage dresses. ^_^

I love trying on vintage dresses and this one actually fit really well. I wasn’t crazy about the frilly collar bit (and tucked it in) but otherwise it was lovely. I like to wear dresses on warm weather days because I don’t like shorts.

I have been spying string of pearl plants like this one lately and think that are so neat looking. I would love to hang one in our living room and this type of plant is on my list.

Every time that I visited the San Francisco MoMA I saw this backpack made by Baggu. I just love the red type on the grid pattern.

Oh, this red coat was so cute! It was made by Sears and weighed about fifteen pounds. The size was large on me and it had large square buttons that did not fit in the button holes. If I lived where it snowed it would be well used but alas Oakland will never get that cold.

Things that I did buy: a Sleepy Jones pajama top (thrifted), a J Crew navy wool/cashmere sweater (thrifted), slippers for Emma from Kamik, a long sleeved Bon-Ton shirt for Emma (thrifted) and furry fleece coats and underthings from Uniqlo.

wool bomber

wool - anthro

This particular coat is from Anthropologie buy you can find them anywhere these days. Madewell, J Crew and Rag & Bone all have a version. There is something nice about the neutral color-blocking and wool together in a simple shape. I think that its funny that first I coveted lace up saddle shoes and now a type of varsity jacket. Am I subconsciously trying to re-create an old high school film where I am the modern female stay at home mom version of the football star? ^_^

its time to fall for fashions

alice goddard

photo of Alice Goddard by Vanessa Jackman

Since I have been working hard looking for places to live everyday for a while now I thought I would give myself a break and enjoy looking for cute fall clothes on the internet instead. Its fun but its true that I have great stuff already—I just like to look.


This classic sweater and collared plaid shirt combo is from Madewell. I do like their clothes a whole lot and have bought a few things in the past that I continually wear.

Always checking out boots no matter what the season. I like these simple black boots from Modcloth. I have never really understood the lace and zipper combo but I guess I am letting that slide here. This pair looks comfortable for all the walking I do.

I recently bought a pair of pants from a store that I had credit. I would have never even tried them on otherwise but I did and have worn them for three days straight. The company is Big Star 1974 and I got them at Convert in Berkeley. The pair that I have are a straight leg in a black rinse. They are so very comfortable! I have already thought about buying another pair so I could wear them everyday.

Also for reference I check out my scrapbook of clothing & style preferences collected on Pinterest. I really like this collection because it reminds me that I have nice taste and do not always try to dress like this guy—which I LOVE but its a bit frumpy for me. I really want to look like this.

baby clothes!

My little one has a new wardrobe. Almost entirely comprised of second hand clothing from two stores, Children’s Orchard in Manhattan Beach and Grove Street Kids in Berkeley. It has been super fun picking out little things for her to wear. Oh and by the way, we found out from the ultrasound that our little one is in fact a her—Emma Clover to be exact. I am so excited to share these new pieces as well as a few blankets and other things from the baby shower.