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The new transit center in SF

The new transit center in San Francisco is gorgeous. They have an upper garden level that blows my mind with a playground as well as books, art and game carts for people who visit to enjoy. The landscaping is really lovely too.

We love the NL bus line that picks up by our house and drops us off right there is SOMA. We bypass all of the traffic, bridge tolls and parking that can complicate a trip into the city.

day trip: alameda beach


Clover has the book Wave by Suzy Lee and she asked me if we could go to the beach too. I started looking up how to get a beach using the bus system and found a link to the Crown Memorial State Beach. We could walk some and ride some and be at the beach pretty quickly. Today we walked to Broadway and hopped on the 51a headed for the Fruitvale BART station. It was slow going at first as we crawled down Broadway stopping at every corner but we were quickly on our way through Chinatown and to the tunnel. We got off in Alameda on Webster. The driver told me to take another bus to the beach but I explained that I wanted to walk. It was like four blocks, I can hang.

It was really nice but late in the day. As we strolled through the park, I saw the shore beyond some rocks. The closer we got the cooler it felt. Clover did not care and we put on her bathing suit on and rash guard. She played with a young child near by with sand toys and skirted the edge of the water. Finally we went in together and she was ecstatic. It was shallow enough that she could go in pretty far before it was up to her waist. Clover is fearless in the water and completely unable to swim. Just like at the pool I held onto for dear life. Everytime she tried to let go of me she would fall in the water. I would pick her up and two seconds later she would trudge deeper into the water. The water was cool but felt great. Eventually I got out dragging Clover along with me fighting me all the way back to our towel. When we were done with the sandy beach we walked up to the grass to dry off and eat some snacks.

Next time I would like to go to the Crab Cove visitor center and check out their aquarium. Also I would stop into one of four ice cream parlors we passed on the way back on Webster. This time Clover fell asleep. It had been a very fun outing.






bus ride


Today we took the bus for the first time, for me since living in the Bay Area. Its funny since I have been car free the whole time but only taken BART, or lately the ferry, besides walking and riding a bike. It was super convenient to walk down our street to Grand Ave. and jump right on. I was jazzed to use my Clipper card. We took the bus to downtown Berkeley as it went “all through the town” and of course we sang. It was neat though to drive through Piedmont and Oakland to Berkeley. Once in Berkeley we went to the downtown library and Cafe Clem. It has the best brunch and we love the baguettes with butter and jam!



So happy to pick up these books from the library store! only $2.50, no wonder Emma has such a big library at home. ^_^