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saddle shoes

current elliot jeans

When I saw this picture of a pair of jeans I immediately noticed the saddle shoes. I think that I wore them when I was young. I always chuckle at how I wore uniforms for school, lots plaid and navy blue and if you looked at my closet not much has changed. They are my classics I suppose. I remember other kids wearing the black and white style saddle shoes or white keds (without laces). For me its always been about the shoes since we all had to wear the same clothing. Oxfords are also a favorite part of menswear styling and love them with pants and skirts too. ^_^

Vintage saddle shoes on a lady and present day on a gent in Florence seen on the Satorialist.

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inspired by these makers

Fog Linen Work is well know for their linen fabrics for the home but they have clothes as well that is so beautiful! Also I was so happy to hear they are opening a brick and mortar shop in Cambridge! Yumiko Sekine has such a great eye for design.

Michelle Armas painting are where its at for me. I think that I am going to purchase a print of hers soon. “Pop Rocks” really caught my eye. This article was a fun read.

Lily Stockman is another artist girl crush of mine and her project Block Shop with her sister Hopie is visually fantastic. I love all the styles and colors and process photos of their scarf collection. I visit the gallery on their site often for visual stimulation.

Gisele d’ Ailly van der Gracht is a publisher and artist who lives in Amsterdam. I come back to these photos of her place again and again. I suppose I secretly hope to be this cool when I am older.

favorite recipe: egg and cabbage burritos

This recipe is so much a favorite of mine that I will chose to eat it at any time of the day or night. It is best after a long walk and satisfies my need for both protein and fulfillment. Both maiki and Emma love it too and look at me with happy, thankful faces. The recipe emerged last year one sunny afternoon at the cottage when we had few ingredients on hand and three hungry bellies to fill. Now that I think about it I was probably inspired by the mu shu vegetables we used to get from our favorite Chinese restaurant in Berkeley. I am still going strong on my love of cabbage kick. Hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

I am not good with measurements so I will just say to eye ball the amount that you think that you will need. I finely chop cabbage and onions. Small bit of broccoli are wonderful too! Saute veggies with a bit of olive oil and finish with a pinch of Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Remove most of the vegetables to make room for eggs in the pan and place them inside each tortilla with shredded cheese. I add butter to my skillet and four eggs and scramble with the cabbage and onion left in the pan. It will cook quickly. Add eggs to the tortilla and fold. They are fantastic with fistfuls of Italian parsley. I also love adding scallions but I am a big fan of onions.

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sleepy times


Emma does sleep in her bed—although she rolls out easily because she is outgrowing her crib mattress (luckily it is on the floor). In the mornings she crawls into bed next to me and rests her head on my pillow, snuggling into the warm comforter. She will rarely go back to sleep but enjoys the warm place to rest with a little cuddling from mama. At nap Emma has been wanting to sleep in the big bed and chooses maiki’s pillow to sleep on. Its so calming to watch little ones sleep. Must be because they are a blur of activity and noise when they are awake. ^_^


Hope that maiki does not mind that is in the above photo! I love you maiki!

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thinking about cold weather

John and Sherlock

Photo from the beloved BBC Shelock found here.

I love browsing the internets for apparel. Today I am thinking about how fun it would be to dress up for weather if we lived in a cooler and wetter place, like London. ^_^

Coats for us all! A raincoat for Emma and one for snow. Nice wool numbers for

and maiki.

Emma loves to walk around in my rain boots. She goes with me down the hall to the laundry room trying so hard to walk in my giant shoes while holding onto me (or the wall). Here are some that are her size. And of course we need umbrellas. Kids love umbrellas. Emma speaks longingly about ours and wishes I would let her play with it more often.

grand hotel misurina

And here is a photo of the Grand Hotel Misurina in Italy that I found here on Pinterest, just for fun! ^_^