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attending the Nutcracker soon!

We bought our tickets for the San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker already! Clover is so excited. She already knows the story and the music and is in pre-ballet this semester where she will dance to some of Tchaikovsky’s music. My little baby will be five in just over a month and is going to her first theater performance!

artwork by Artuš Scheiner
artwork by Artuš Scheiner

a book leads us on a learning adventure

Today we read “Where Did My Clothes Come From?” by Chris Butterworth with illustrations by Lucia Gaggiotti. It is a book we checked out from the library and it was super informative. We enjoyed the pictures very much and talked about our favorite clothes. This is the type of book that is a great jumping off point to explore more after reading. This time we found ourselves inspecting a pair of jeans and googling videos about shearing animals.


On YouTube we found many videos of people shearing sheep, goats, alpacas and angora rabbits for their fur. This also led to watching other goat videos- like goats that climb trees and how baby goats have to be awesome climbers at one week old. Lastly we ended up watching all of Block Shop’s process videos of their block carving, dyeing and printing by master artisans for their scarves made in Bagru, India (which can be found on their Instagram account).

Next time we read this book we may want to learn more about silk worms or making rubber or traditional clothing worn in other cultures. I love how this organic kind of learning unfolds for us. I always find that my curiosity is piqued just as much as Clover’s. I appreciate our opportunities to take time and to have the resources to find out about anything we can think of.


Another excellent (and relevant) read is “Pelle’s New Suit” by Elsa Beskow. We have checked it out many times and I remember grabbing all of my wool sweaters down out of the closet to feel the fabric one time after reading. It was a great first story about where clothes come from and how garments used to be made more or less by hand. It has also been on the book shelves of every early childhood program that I have worked in which I think is a sign that is a good book for children.

indigo in fashion

I have a primarily a navy blue, indigo and denim filled wardrobe so I am really appreciating the recent trends in this country that follow my tastes. maiki picked out a really cool blue mixed plaid scarf from Madewell (maybe last fall) that perfectly matches my aesthetic. It is billowy and light but warm. We also picked up a Kiriko Made scarf and it is a lovely piece. A smaller scarf that is more defined, like a tie.

Ace and Jig is designing some really nice garments with mixed patterns that are hand made on looms in India. I love their kimono style jackets, and they are reversible! Such beautiful stitching.
ace and jig

This jacket is from Anthropologie and is a more tailored option that I think it would look nice with my dresses.

Vintage is also a great choice. I prefer used clothes every time. The distressed, more traditional Japanese pieces like this patched workers coat and sashiko stictched scarf are from OldIndustrial12 on Etsy and ship from Japan. They look well cared for and appreciated.
patchwork indigo
sashiko stitched scarf