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rose garden afternoon

I am sure I have taken pictures similar to these every time I visit because I love it at the Oakland Rose Garden. It was perfect weather, in the low seventies, and we set up a picnic in the grass. Today we ate nectarines, string cheese, grapes, pretzels and goldfish. Emma climbs all the stairs, today in her yellow rain boots. She knows all the colors and gasps, commenting that everything is beautiful. I am right there with her. Everything is beautiful.






this saturday

Our saturday started with story time at the library. Emma likes the flowers that grow out front.

Next we walked to Trader Joe’s to buy a few things and get a roll of laundry quarters. We sat on Lakeshore Avenue eating a yogurt while this fellow entertained us with his music.

We love to sample fruit and check out the farmers’ market. This week Emma got a balloon cat.

I got an iced coffee from the Bicycle coffee stand. They are locals and deliver coffee by bike.

Later, after Emma’s nap we walked to pick up our CSA from Phat Beets. It was amazing how much produce we got. I should take a picture. ^_^ IMG_20140726_201838~2