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post freak out

emma and mamaHi there! I am on my second week of being a stay-at-home mom. Yup, plans changed and as maiki always says, “you may reserve the right to freak out at any time” and I did. So, here I am post freak-out. I decided that being away from Emma Clover was really not a good idea for me anymore and we are following through with that. Luckily I just completed my tax return and maiki has lots of work so that helps. As for me and Clover being together all the time it is positively wonderful and the result of spending so much time apart means that we appreciate our days together very much.

What I have learned so far:

I have found that buying coffee beans rather than one cup at a time saves me lots of money. I know this may seem obvious but I have treated myself for working by going and getting coffee and now I don’t need to do that.

Emma is still messy even when I am here to pick up after her all day and night. She is only sixteen months so she cleans as well as a sixteen month old can. And I have to let my space be a mess.

I like to shop. Its a dumb habit but I am trying to quit the urge to buy things every time I leave the house and not going to get a coffee means that I want to get something else. I am really trying hard not to do that. Instead I spend $15 dollars a time at the grocery store since I can literally go every day. It is nice to have the freedom but like I said its addictive.

I had a routine and now its quite loose. Emma and I wake up, eat, go out, eat, she naps, eat, play, eat and it continues until bedtime. However I need to prioritize showering or I can go for three days and realize that I feel yucky and miss bathing on a regular basis. This is important stuff!

Emma likes to be with me but also do her own thing. We read, color, play with blocks, explore outside, the park and the library. As a preschool teacher I look for teachable moments all the time and being with Emma means that I have this opportunity always with my own child. Its so exciting and I look forward to the person that she is becoming.

I am also looking forward to free museum days coming up and although she may be young its an outing that we will all go to as a family. Also maiki and I are planning a date to Samovar in Yerba Buena gardens on that day so its a date!