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trees and imagination


I like to think about how Clover’s imagination works. This place that we visit must seem so vast to her. However she definitely knows her way around and spots the subtle differences in the landscape as it changes. I love how she makes up stories about everything that she sees and a hole in a tree must be Peter Rabbit’s house. Adding stories of goblin’s and such, she is not sure if she should be afraid. But she runs ahead excited at what she will find next. I am here to share in her adventures but am left to wonder about the details that she fills in while she explores her world.





adventure cape

This cape from Such Great Heights is so wonderful. I think that it would suit Emma Clover.  Today on our walk she enjoyed crunching over the branch and leaf covered ground and finding sticks. It was lovely to hide under the shade of the trees.


Also found this illustration on Pinterest today. Its called “There is No Wolf” by Volkan Dalyan. I love imagining Emma walking around in big headphones like this some day. She likes to try on maiki’s and its adorable.

there is no wolf