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cool magazines for kids

Started in June 1946 by educators and child development professionals. Now offer publications for a range of ages. Hello 0-2 yrs, High Five 2-6 yrs, Highlights 6-12 yrs.

National Geographic Kids
Instill a sense of adventure with Nat Geo Kids 6 yrs+ and Little Kids 3-6 yrs.

Ranger Rick Produced by the National Wildlife Federation to inspire a future generation of conservationists. Ranger Rick 7-12 yrs, Ranger Rick Jr. 4-7 yrs,
Ranger Rick Cub 0-4 yrs

Cricket Media Cricket media has grown over 40 years to now include eleven quality publications for children in literature, art, science and technology.
Babybug 6months+, Ladybug and Click 3 yrs+, Spider and Ask 6 yrs+, Cricket, Cobblestone, Dig, Faces and Muse 9 yrs+, Cicada 14 yrs+
(Dig into History looks amazing! It is supposed to be the ultimate history and archaeology magazine for children.)

Zoo Books Everything you wanted to know about animals! They explore the anatomy, habitat, socialization, and ecological role of a single animal or animal group in a vibrant, easy to understand way. Zoobies 0-3 yrs, Zootles 3-6 yrs, Zoobooks 6-12 yrs

Bravery Magazine A Kickstarted publication that promotes strong female role models by featuring real, brave smart women that did hard things. 4-9 yrs

Stone Soup Published by the Children’s Art Foundation and going strong since 1973, they believe that reading quality writing by children will inspire children to read and write.

Anorak Magazine A high quality “happy magazine for kids” that encourages children to tap into their imaginations and use their creativity to learn. Dot 2-5 yrs, Anorak 6-12 yrs.

Okido Helps children learn through play with content that stimulates creativity and inspires scientific interest. 3-8 yrs

Kazoo A magazine that celebrates girls for being strong, smart, fierce and above all true to themselves. Within 30 days on Kickstarter this magazine became the most successful journalism campaign in crowdfunding history. 5-10 yrs

Chop Chop A publication to inspire and teach children and families to cook real food together. 5-12 yrs

Brainspace Includes math and science, language and art geared toward an academic audience. 8-14 yrs.

Storytime This magazine collects fairy tales, myths, fairy tales and stories from around the world with games, puzzles and coloring. Stories for all ages.

I was inspired to create this list because I am a home schooling mom and I believe that children love learning when its presented in a fun way. But also because I was disgusted when I saw this image of a Girls Life and Boys Life magazine side by side, taken at the photographer’s local library. We can do better people. So much better.



Our house is full of books and we can always be found reading. maiki prefers the digital copies and Emma Clover likes the ones with pictures. I enjoy reading very much but every spare moment I am reading to Clover. Lately she has been asking me to read to her more and more often and her favorites have been the easy reader chapter books like Little Bear and Frog & Toad. In addition to lots of books we also have magnet letters and an alphabet puzzle that she plays with all the time, and now its all starting to click for her. Its such an exciting time because she is recognizing that these symbols stand for letters and numbers that one can read. We were given a Sandra Boynton board book and I read it to her a couple of times. Now she reads its aloud, and of course she memorized the words but she “reads” it in a left to right format. The other day we went to the Rose Garden and she discovered that there are plaques on the benches that are full of letters. She excitedly showed me our letters in every single one. E for Emma, M for maiki and S for Susan! On the walk home she could not help herself noticing that the world is covered with signs and letters and words to read.