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photo booth – july 2014

Photo on 7-24-14 at 1.21 PM #2

Photo on 7-24-14 at 1.22 PM #2

Photo on 7-24-14 at 1.22 PM #5

Photo on 7-24-14 at 1.23 PM #3

Emma Clover lovey has been sick and we have been kinda taking it easy since this last weekend. There have been some fun adventures but not like our usual busyness. This morning was spent making oatmeal pecan bread in a loaf pan (since we’re out of muffin liner paper), watching a little Peppa Pig, laundry and lots of dressing up and dramatic play. I love when she runs around in just her diaper because I can see how much my baby has grown. Still not much interest in toilet training but there is no hurry. We are all learning to live in the moment and not rush things. ^_^

july and recent photo booth pics

Its the first week of July and I am looking forward to many things! This weekend we are going to Ippuku with friends and Emma is going to hang out with her cousins. Later this month is the Renegade Craft Fair and at the end of the month is my birthday. July is wonderful for many reasons but mostly for sun and strawberries! I am enjoying spending time with Emma outdoors and smelling her Jason sunscreen and seeing little Saltwater sandals on her feet. We have indeed gone on many picnics since spring and Emma is getting used to walking all over sans stroller. She is growing up too fast my little one.

Here are two cute photo booth pictures from our recent sessions. Cannot wait to get in the Magnolia Photo Booth at the fair. ^_^

Photo on 7-5-13 at 3.23 PM

Photo on 7-9-13 at 12.07 PM #2