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holiday trip



We took BART and walked to Japantown in San Francisco.



We stayed at Hotel Tomo. Both the elevator and our room had this really cool mural.


The room was cozy and colorful. We did our best to share the big king sized bed.


The hotel cafe also had a cool mural.


We ate a lot of great places on our trip. Emma loves to eat udon noodles!


We looked around in lots of different shops. We got Sakura pastels, a furoshiki wrapping cloth and a bucket hat. A little something for each one of us!



We had tea service at Crown and Crumpet. Emma ended up getting apple cider that was served with whipped cream. I would love to make that at home. <3


Afterwards we were happy and full from tea, sweets and little sandwiches. It was all so good!


Rainy afternoon but it did not affect our plans at all.


Walking on Fillmore Street.


A book in Kinokuniya, about Truck Furniture in Osaka, Japan.


Shopping for clothes with maiki in Sou Sou.


Checking out and going home.


Picked up a Christmas cake for home. Every good trip is all about the food and this time we ate like kings. Would definitely go back to Dosa and Udon Mugizo!!!

new haircut and a trip to Japantown

Emma got a haircut today. Both of us ended up crying after her bath where I washed her hair. I told maiki exasperatedly that I wanted to cut it off so he got the scissors and we started cutting. It was in a bun, all wet and tangled and maiki cut it right off. I styled it a bit and kept it a little longer in the front. It is actually really easy to cut her hair because its both thin and full of body and curls. We are all happy now with it and hopefully bath times will be smoother.


Emma tried to use her chopsticks today! We had udon noodles which are not easy to wrangle so she mostly used her spoon and slurped them down before they slipped out. ^_^


A new parasol for our walks. Emma notices many people using them to block the sun so and she is very much on board with the idea.


We looked around at Kinokuniya and brought home Hi, Koo! A Year of Seasons, a new book by Jon J. Muth. We have his collection at home. They are so special.


I loved the design of these two books. I want to bring home all the books in their store every time I visit. It is a good practice in restraint. Planning to go to the library to check out the new Murakami book but I know I will have to wait a bit.