taking the ferry

On Monday we took the ferry from Jack London Square in Oakland to the Ferry Building in San Francisco. It was just for fun since we had never taken the ferry before. SInce we live near the North Berkeley Bart we took it to Oakland’s 12th Street stop and walked the few blocks to Jack London Square. It was so exciting for me as I have pining to go on a boat lately.

In S.F. we visited the Ferry Building and ate some excellent vegetarian mushroom curry from Delica. I tried the crab croquet and maiki had the potato. Emma had some food we brought from home but really like the curry and rice. maiki tried a donut from Peeples and I had a lemon graham cracker ice cream sandwich from Miette. Of course we had to get some sea salt caramels for later (also from Miette) and we were so glad that we did!

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