friends & food in santa cruz

Saturday maiki and I took the train to San Jose where Colin picked us up and we made the journey over the hill. The weather was so warm and we went for a walk along the coast when we arrived. Made a trip to Marini’s on the wharf to get Jolt colas and I had a caramel apple. We walked through the arcade and then downtown. I traded in my old Reefs for a new pair at Pacific Wave then got some real food at the Taqueria Vallarta. Next we met up with some friends for drinks at 515. I had never been to 515 before and really enjoyed the atmosphere — they played the Squirrel Nut Zippers! We sat in the upstairs lounge and I ordered a raspberry lemonade martini. It was an amazing drink and the glass was rimmed with sugar. I was in heaven. ^_^

The next morning we went to the Bagelry, the best bagel place evar. I got a bagel with onions and lox and we purchased lots of jalepeno bagels to eat and share with C9th. Next I walked around Pacific, taking pictures and looking in all the shops. It was warm and felt like summer. I picked up the fourth volume of Sgt Frog at Borders then met up with Colin and maiki again at Lulu Carpenter’s for a chai. We all had our laptops out and sat in a nice shady spot by the Octagon. maiki and I shared a veggie sandwich and soup from Zoccoli’s then prepared to pack up for the journey home. One more stop at Marini’s for Jolt to for the road and I got a chocolate covered banana. It was extremely delicious but it almost made us miss the 17 bus. We ran back to the metro with Colin following behind hollering “Stop Banana Thief” and giggling as we hurried past the crowds of people. Thanks to maiki (who has long legs and wasn’t wearing flip flops) the bus driver saw us and we got on without any trouble.

On the ride back over Hwy 17 I reflected on how wonderful it had been to take a break and get away for a couple of days. I thought about all the fun touristy things that I wanted to come back and do. I will definitely return when the semester ends and go to the beach and the boardwalk. The trees were so lovely and cool and I would love take the Roaring Camp train and walk through the giant redwoods. I miss them. As fond as I am of Santa Cruz was I was so ready not to live there anymore and am quite settled here in Berkeley. Luckily I have many friends there that I can visit!

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