Spring final projects

This past week has felt both very productive and positive. I am beginning three different final projects to be completed over the next few weeks of the semester. In Sketching I am drawing a five panel storyboard about maiki and I getting ice cream. Sunday Neko took of us for reference shots and I have been drawing up my ideas. Next week they be will drawn again in ink and with more detail. The instructor stressed that we keep it simple and I think that it is going be really cute. I am also assembling a portfolio of all of the work that I have done in the class this semester to turn in and then keep for my records.

In Interactive Design I am working with a partner to construct a website for the W hotel that will be fifteen plus pages. So far it is coming along really well and we have been e-mailing each other Illustrator files back and forth. It seems that we will have no trouble at all exceeding the fifteen page minimum. Also I am glad to report that having a partner means that I have someone to share the work with and help me to generate ideas. I am excited to see how it will come together!

In my Printmaking class I am busy making a ten plus page book of new prints. I decided to chose the theme of bicycles and my love of them for my artwork. During the first lab I cut out a girl on a bicycle from a linoleum block and have two different versions printed. The first was made when the linoleum was wet and the paint looks like a crayon rubbing. It has a lot of motion in it and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The next was a flat print that I printed over with a thermofax later. The second lab class I made many thermofax prints and they all look great. I have been choosing bright spring colors and I think they will look beautiful all together.

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