decision making

I have made an important decision. I want to only take classes that I am interested in and no more wasting my money and time on what is not relevant. It occurred to me earlier today that this mistake was already made by a significant person in my life and I should learn from it and move on.

Yesterday I discovered a company in San Francisco whose designs I have admired and have been inspirational to me. I didn’t know until then that the same group of people were behind all these amazing ideas but was so excited to discover it. My mind was racing.
All I want to do is create! and to learn! and I do not need to be bogged down by those who are unsupportive. It made me think about all aspects of what I was doing in school and helped me to figure out what I want. Now it’s time to rework my fall schedule!

My life is taking amazing turns and I really trying to take the time to enjoy the moments and the special people that I share them with. I am so happy! A year ago if someone told me the circumstances of my current life I would not have believed them. I felt then that I had come to a turning point but would have never imagined the possibility of any of this. I should keep up with my list of ten things because I have a lot to be grateful for.

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  1. It sounds like a good plan. sometimes you can get caught up in the whole ‘system’ of school, and forget why you want to learn all that in the first place!

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