what I’ve been watching & listening to

BattleStar Gallactica This is Kimi’s favorite and I am the only one that hadn’t seen it. I fell asleep the first time but then finished the movie and am now on to the first season. It is an interesting story and I think that I will really enjoy it.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Cute movie, and planning on going to the movies with Neko to see Prince Caspian soon.
Stardust Neko got this and the first Narnia movie from Netflix and we watched them at her house. I had seen Stardust for the first time on New Year’s Eve 2007 and loved it so much. I am really interested in getting the book to read soon.
There Will Be Blood Wow. Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing. I want to watch it again but it is an intense film.
Tekkonkinkreet One of my favorites! Luckily Justin and Kimiye have it in their collection. I am cosplaying as Shiro for Fanime next weekend so it was for “research.”
Honey and Clover Cloud Ninth had decided to watch the first season again before continuing on with season two. We put it off because we had been so busy but got back into it. It makes me laugh and cry and smile. It is a beautiful anime.
Naruto I had never seen this one before but it Jason and maiki are both current with it. I watched the first five episodes and they are pretty fun. I have been told the next story arc is really cool.
Iron Man We went to the theatre for this one. I thought it was awesome and I feel a bit geeky saying that but I really enjoyed it.

Wolf Parade Two years ago Justin gave me a lot of cool music and Wolf Parade and Social Scene were part of that package. I have just now become obsessed with their music. I am loving it.
Broken Social Scene I could listen to this always. It would be great background music for my life.
Godspeed! You Black Emperor This band makes long, epic tracks that can last an entire Bart ride. I have always been a fan and have even been fortunate to see them live. When I listen I get lost in the sound.
Nujabes Ever since watching Samurai Champloo a year ago, the music of Nujabes (along w/ Forces of Nature, Tsutchie, and Fat Jon) has been a part of my regularly played tracks. In fact the soundtrack from that anime dominates my Last.fm. His solo work is inspiring and infectious. I just can’t get enough.
Juno Soundtrack So cute! I am really enjoying Kimya Dawson, Belle & Sebastian, and Cat Power’s lovely version of “Sea of Love.”

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