my ten things

I found this great word press site called 10 Things and it inspired me this spring break to be reflective and remind myself how damn fortunate and happy I am!
Saturday 3.15.08
one- maiki. _
two- girl scout cookies! yay for samoas!
three- gadgets: computers, cameras, blackberry oh my
four- fresh baked bread. lately I have been buying bread from the Bread Workshop on University Ave.
five- sleeping in. My bed is so comfortable.
six- big puffy clouds in the sky
seven- good beverages from Trader Joe’s. I got Apricot Wheat Beer and a bottle of Cabernet.
eight- housemates & friends with me here at Cloud Ninth makes it feel like home.
nine- my health is good. My tummy is not always happy with me but lately I have been feeling great!
ten- books. I have so many books lined up to read this week including the Little Prince and a dozen new manga.

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