So much, so quickly!

What I have been doing as of late:
• Lots of homework. In all classes. Sometimes doing it over and over again. Currently designing comps for two different websites.
• Learning crazy techniques in Printmaking. First relief printing where I cut into linoleum. Second metal plate etching that develops in acid.
• Learning to draw the human form with the help of nude models in Sketching.
• Playing Magic: the Gathering. Not very much I am afraid but I did participate in a Kamigawa tournament last weekend here at Cloud 9th.
• Hanging out with lots of friends. Have had many visitors and house guests and it has been awesomely fun.
• Riding my new bike. It has not been raining this week so I have been able to enjoy it. The seat stays wet but other than that it works great.
• Trying not to get sick! I slept like thirteen hours last night. I guess that I really needed to rest. maiki made sure that I drank some Emergen-C.
• Registered for Fall classes. Crazy I know, it seems so far in the future. I am signed up for Screenprinting, Book Arts, Digital Imaging and Digital Arts.
• Eating lots of good fruit. I went to the Berkeley Bowl market where they have the largest produce department that I have ever seen. It is like an inside farmers market. Yay for cheap, delicious organic fruit! _

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