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little bear collection

Emma Clover and I have finished her Little Bear collection and it is so sweet. I think that I may love it even more than she does. Some of the figures are Holztiger and were found in a few different places (Amazon, Padilly, the Ark). A few of the figures came from an Etsy seller called Hutton Road. The goblin/gnome was purchased at the Nordic House in Berkeley (also where we found the mushroom candle holder).

little bear


She uses part of her dollhouse for them now (since its two pieces) and we have blue and green fabric that she uses as well to set them up. It is always so enjoyable to listen to her conversations and play. I love it so much!

today I am happy


Today I am happy. It is my Dad’s birthday. My Mom was in the hospital and is released today to go home. Together they can celebrate. This picture was taken last month during our visit.


My little family here in Oakland is warm and well fed and glad to be together. We just found out that we are all set to start growing at the toddler garden. We have lots of seeds and enthusiastic to get our hands dirty.


Emma has been collecting lovely wooden toys for each Little Bear character. When she receives a new one she introduces them to the others. It is sweet.

It is a bright day in my heart even if outside it is cloudy. Emma and I still find all the magnolias and sakura blooming and the cute little gnomes on the electrical poles. Little signs of growth and happiness. ^_^

wooden toys

Most creatives that I know and/or read about talk about how when they were young they didn’t have a lot of toys and things so they used art supplies and the few treasured items that they had. They used their imaginations to dream and create. When maiki and I have talked about the kinds of toys and things that we want to share with our baby, they have all been the simplest of objects.  Wooden toys and blocks are these kind of toys and their benefits are well documented.  Besides fostering creativity and enhancing cognitive development, they feel great when you hold them. They are natural and long lasting and are not noisy and overstimulating. There are so many alternatives available to the plastic versions of cars, people, animals etc. on Etsy and other shops and I am excited to build our collection.