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Temescal adventure

Yesterday was a busy one for us. We woke up and jumped on a bus to go and see and puppet show. It was showing at the Temescal library as part of the Oakland summer reading program. It was a riff off the Three Little Pigs and we loved it! Temescal children’s library is the most fun to visit because they have the amount of toys and manipulatives that a pre-school would offer. Clover likes the kitchen toys best and pretended to be a little mama.




For lunch we had a taco with rice and beans at Cholita Linda. Delicious food at a cute patio table covered with oilcloth. We visited some of our old favorites on Temescal and some new ones. I love Book/Shop but going in their with Emma makes for a brief visit. We found a secret garden and a apothecary shop as well in the Alley. Lastly we went to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse and bought more blocks. We gave them a good bath when we got home. ^_^