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Emma received new red tie shoes recently and we realized it was time that she finally learn how to tie them on her own. Yes she is considerably older than when I learned, but now shoes with velcro, buckles or slip ons are popular for young kids. She made it to the age of eight before she was forced to learn. Now she will proudly boast about her new skill and we dutifully watch as she ties them every day.

These awesome shoes were purchased from ThredUp! They were brand new and quite inexpensive. Yay for reuse fashion!


Paris, France, Paris tea, Paris Baguette, and now Paris Birkenstocks. Am I to love everything with Paris in the name?

birkenstock paris

I had two pairs of Birky sandals in high school thanks to my Mom and Costco. I had one in brown and one in black and they were the classic Arizona style. I loved them actually but have not owned a pair since. They are kind of pricey and once I moved to Santa Cruz everyone wore flip flops. Well they are obviously way back in style now but the ones that I like are the cutie ones that the Mori girls wear in Japan. I love them! And I have not wanted to wear anything but boots for a long while. Another pair of shoes for my wish list. ^_^

saddle shoes

current elliot jeans

When I saw this picture of a pair of jeans I immediately noticed the saddle shoes. I think that I wore them when I was young. I always chuckle at how I wore uniforms for school, lots plaid and navy blue and if you looked at my closet not much has changed. They are my classics I suppose. I remember other kids wearing the black and white style saddle shoes or white keds (without laces). For me its always been about the shoes since we all had to wear the same clothing. Oxfords are also a favorite part of menswear styling and love them with pants and skirts too. ^_^

Vintage saddle shoes on a lady and present day on a gent in Florence seen on the Satorialist.

interesting right now

Kate Lewis paintings are so lovely. Green Kitchen is my favorite (if it were possible to choose a favorite).

Dieppa Restrepos shoes. I have not forgotten about the Frye boots I want and though I cannot afford these either we might as well add them to the list. ^_^ The navy oxfords are so nice.

Naruto. If you haven’t watched all of it then you are not on the level with me right now. But you could be some day.