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interesting right now

Kate Lewis paintings are so lovely. Green Kitchen is my favorite (if it were possible to choose a favorite).

Dieppa Restrepos shoes. I have not forgotten about the Frye boots I want and though I cannot afford these either we might as well add them to the list. ^_^ The navy oxfords are so nice.

Naruto. If you haven’t watched all of it then you are not on the level with me right now. But you could be some day.

my favorite anime

I was introduced to “She and Her Cat” a few years ago and instantly fell in love. This five minute short film was the most perfect thing that I had ever seen in my opinion and I made all of my friends watch it (over and over again). Tonight we watched “Five Centimeters per Second” and it did not let me down. The world(s) that Makoto Shinkai creates are so visually beautiful and yet the content is equally touching. Like “Voices of a Distant Star” he touches upon relationships that evolve over time and distance. It can be heartbreakingly real and sad but at the same time so very beautiful. I guess that I like that kind of thing seeing as how “Honey and Clover” by Chika Umino is my favorite anime series and some of the episodes makes me cry every time that I watch them. Their stories have also been very influential to me and have inspired me to go back to school to study design and be an artist. Makoto Shinkai created “She and Her Cat” entirely by himself on his iMac—its just so amazing to me. So if you have not seen any of his Shinkai’s works or are new to anime these are my recommendations!

I Love Bleach!

I am finally watching Bleach and loving every moment of it. I love Ichigo and although I never thought that I would say this, I love watching him fight! I am constantly amazed by the dynamic nature of this series. I get so enthralled in it and it can be so serious one moment and then make me laugh so hard the next.

Currently they are trooping through Soul Society to try and save Rukia. There is so much new character development and I am trying hard to remember everyone name, rank, and relationship. It’s a lot to juggle but so worth it!