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The Grand Lake Theater

Bundled up to see The Good Dinosaur at the Grand Lake tonight

Bundled up to see The Good Dinosaur at the Grand Lake Theater tonight. It was a little scary for our young four-year-old but thinking back we would have never heard the end of it if we had not gone. There are posters up for it every where in Oakland of course since Pixar is so near. Clover pointed out the Inside Out posters for ages! She would notice them from far away and point them out every time.


ice cream date



We walked to Piedmont Ave. and went to the famous Fenton’s creamery. We got petite cones (which were not so petite) in dutch chocolate and blueberry cheesecake. Afterwards we watched the folks making ice cream and other desserts through the glass. We went in around noon on Sunday and it wasn’t very crowded. It can get very busy though so I knew to go early. Ice cream for lunch!





Fenton’s was established in Oakland in 1894! I love the cute chairs and retro feel. I have wanted to visit for a long time, especially since it was featured in the Pixar movie Up!