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making the most of my time

Everyday I have a list of what absolutely needs to get done to get through this semester (and hopefully pass). The great thing is that I am learning new things everyday and am enjoying myself even if it may not always seem like it. I am very fortunate that maiki is so supportive and making time to work around my hectic schedule because he is the comic relief that is so very important in my life! Ah, he is a best friend that I cannot imagine living without! _ Cloud Ninth is also continuously supportive and I know that I could not do this without them. My life is so very fun and filled with friends that really inspire me.

Luckily I have had some cool adventures squeezed into my down time. Justin and I made a trip to the Samovar Tea Lounge and it was so wonderful. I got their signature smokey black russian tea and it was strong but I enjoyed the flavor. We sat in the sun overlooking Yerba Buena gardens and spent a couple hours out of our busy school day just relaxing and sipping tea. I also have gone to the movies a few times and saw Bottle Shock, Burn After Reading, and Religulous at the California Theatre here in Berkeley. It is an old independent theatre like the ones I loved in Santa Cruz. Last Saturday maiki and I walked to a Utrecht that I had never been to in the city on Van Ness and then wandered to Japantown. I picked up an art book from Makoto Shinkai. I am always so inspired when ever I go to Kinokuniya. I always want to either move in or bring all the books home with me. It is hard to not purchase art books and I have such an amazing library now full of design and art books of all kind.

one more robot

So we did it. Well I didn’t do much, but the web comic site is up and running. onemorerobot.com!!!

I am famous now. Yahoo! Kimi does the artwork and maiki and Justin have handled the technical side. Jason provides the sarcasm and me I just exist and they write down what I say. My part is pretty easy really. The neat part about it is that the web comic is very true to life. Living here at Cloud Ninth is just that awesome.

We are all really excited because the site is getting a huge amount of visitors. We were blown away by the numbers. Also we have lots of ways to share the comic through social networking links on the page. Isn’t technology magical?!


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