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flowers and a frog, at the gardens

moth in flowers at the gardens

Some days I am present, I notice every little thing around me. When I happen to be at the garden on those days I see wonderful things. A moth resting on a cluster of flowers. Some bees stopping to pick up nectar and pollen on a bunch of other blooms nearby. Monarchs butterflies chasing each other over our heads.

I had gotten lost starring into the pond covered in clovers when I looked up and saw that maiki had arrived. He motioned for me to come over to where he was. “I found something you need to see,” he told me. I was overjoyed to see the big, fat frog at the edge of the pond. It was a great day to be aware of the beauty all around.



Lucy Auge


In September we visited Book/Shop in Temescal. It’s a neat little place with a curated selection of books and I have about five minutes in there when visiting with Clover. I always want to stay and admire some neat vintage design cover or gaze at the art prints dotting the walls for just one more moment as I am such a visual person. Well last time I spotted something that I wanted right away, a botanical print by Lucy Auge. We brought it home and decided to hang it over Clovey’s bed. It is simple and sweet and matches her cozy little space in our bedroom. Browsing the internets later I found more of Lucy Auge’s work. She has an Etsy shop of prints and is having a show in November. I am glad that we were able to purchase a small print with the typography, so that Clover (and I) will remember the artist.

lucy auge hydrangea

lucy auge show