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remixed media and the public domain

I have been wanting to write something here for a long time. Ever since watching RIP: a remix manifesto I have truly understood the importance of the work that Creative Commons does and the importance of a healthy public domain. If you have not seen it go download it now.

Lately my two favorite shows are Once Upon a Time and Elementary. They are both remixes of familiar characters in fun, new ways!

The first, Once Upon a Time, is an ABC family show that is made by Disney. It is a giant fairy tale mash up that involves most of the well know animated characters brought to the real world to interact. Its a wonderful fantasy drama and I can admit that I am quite a fan. However its a very creative idea that can only be made by Disney. The fairy tales (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella, etc) were once part of the public domain and Walt Disney remixed them into animated films. Unfortunately the Disney Corp. has claimed copyright for the material as if they wrote every word and even extended it. They have chosen to keep these stories for themselves and that is truly unfortunate. I love Once Upon a Time but I will only enjoy these characters in a way that Disney can imagine them and not by any other creatives.

Elementary’s main character is Sherlock Holmes and although I have recently enjoyed the Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films I am wholeheartedly a fan of this new Sherlock and Watson duo played by Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Also it is important to note that is does not diminish how much I enjoy the Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law duo in the least bit. They are both fantastic and wildly different re-tellings. I mean seriously, in Elementary Watson is a woman (!), the show is set in New York and Holmes is a recovering drug addict. Since the original Sherlock Holmes tale by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is part of the public domain it is available for re-telling over and over again. We will appreciate the creative endeavors because we are connected to the characters already and can appreciate a new way that they are translated in which ever medium the artist chooses. Only good can come out of this and artists will always be loved and appreciated for their efforts and contributions to our creative community.

Slightly off topic my new favorite children’s book is a familiar story that has been retold for a new audience. It is the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and the new version is Three Billy Goats Fluff. At first glance I thought of how the story frightened me as a child but the class wanted me to read it to them so I complied. It was so cute and written it such a amazing way that you understand why the billy goat is so cranky and why the story was worth rewriting! I could not have imagined a better retelling but heck this world is full of amazing creative people and I am always excited to see what comes next. C’mon artists bring it on!

CC celebrates at the minna gallery

Thursday night maiki and I attended the 6th birthday celebration for Creative Commons at the Minna Gallery in San Francisco. It was super fun and I always enjoy the vibe at CC events. People that like to share and embrace collaboration are progressive and fun folks to be around. I have been walking past the Minna Gallery for over a year wanting to go inside and I finally got my chance. DJs ripley and Kid Kameleon and dublab were mixing the tunes. dublab had a set up to record eight second audio loops of the crowd as part of the Into Infinity project. dublab created a emergent sound scape of music for us to enjoy with the visual part- the circular canvas art pieces- projected onto a screen. maiki and I were dancing all night for it was hard to be still with so much great music playing. Good times!

Creative Commons celebrates 5 years *_*

maiki and I went to the city and attended the CC birthday party where we hung out with Lawrence Lessig and Joi Ito. It was awesome. I donated some monies and received a cool Moleskine journal with CC and Mozilla imprinted on it. Also they gave me a Zagat restaurant guide for San Francisco. We took a lot of photographs with the new Lomo and cannot wait to get them developed. It was a fun party and Lawrence Lessig gave an awesome talk as usual. He shared info about a couple of new forms of CC licensing and updated the crowd on their new funding and worldwide support of CC. And they had awesome chocolate cake. Maybe the best I have ever eaten. I always meet new and interesting people at CC events and tonight talked to a cool guy about free culture site which I shall start reading up on after I get some sleep. maiki was so excited that he got to talk to so many accessible and friendly guys like Lawrence, Joi, and Jimmy Wales. He was geeking out. I was just glad to be there. Now I am going to upload my digital photos from the event and listen to the new DJ Spooky CD’s they were giving out at the party. Whee!