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salt dough ornaments

We made salt dough and cut them into hearts and stars and clovers. They were baked on low heat until they seemed done. Some are hung on the tree and some are tied up on a string and hung like garland. They have a cheery look to them with the candy cane string.

Using cookie cutters always reminds me of a favorite Raggedy Ann book from childhood. It’s fun to be grown up and bake.

Christmas books

We have great luck checking out holiday books from the library. I reserved them online and we have been picking up a book every few days for a while now. We really enjoy the Moomin comics after reading through all the books. Reading “The Family Under the Bridge” to Emma for the first time this year. We haven’t begun “The Christmas Carol” mouse book but last year she watched the “Muppets Christmas Carol” so she is a bit familiar with the story. The “Lighthouse Christmas” has a sweet story with a real flying santa and the Chirri and Chirra books are our new favorite picture books. The “Lost Christmas” book (picture below) was so pretty but easier to enjoy outside in good lighting. “Christmas in Noisy Village” is also a favorite (last photo) and we read chapters from our books at home each year to hear about their traditions.