weekend adventures

We met an iguana named Spike.

Family picnic in the garden.


Emma and some fish at the museum.

Showing papa the birds’ eggs.


Making flat pennies to add to our collection.

We celebrated in the sun as it was finally not raining this weekend. We had great times going to the Farmers’ Market, picnic at the garden, visiting the Oakland Museum, listening to live jazz and bringing home treats from a bakery in Chinatown. At home we watched Sleepy Hollow as Clover slept and viewed the hilarious and heart breaking documentary of Trevor Noah, a South African comic and his first one man show. The film is called You Laugh But Its True and its so wonderful. It was a very cathartic experience as I cried and laughed and felt like the world was going to be a little bit brighter now that he is in it and sharing his unique point of view.

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