visit with family


We stayed with Aunt Elayne in Carlie’s room. We like her sharing her big bed and its super soft and covered in pillows. Aunt Elayne makes us smoothies for breakfast.


Clover picked out this dress when we went shopping at the used children’s clothing shop called Children’s Orchard. They had lots of costumes for Halloween and Emma loved every dress.


We visited Grandma and Grandpa’s little place and played with all of their horses and giraffes. They have lots of pictures hung all over.




Emma’s aunts threw her a little Frozen themed party at the park. Emma licked all the frosting off of the cupcakes and opened many presents.


Aunt Elayne has a pool in her backyard and we went in for a bit. CLovey loved eating every color of Otter Pop!


Aunt Barbara drove us around all weekend and took us to parks. We had lots of fun this trip!

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