Lunch dates

I have gone a couple of super fun lunch dates this past week. The first was with Jon in San Francisco where we had lunch in a cool German pub that reminded me so much of my dad it was weird. They were even playing Bing Crosby tunes and showing the horse races for Hollywood Park. It was a trip! Next he showed me the houseboat that he is staying at. It was so awesome but as much as I adore the idea of living on a boat in the SF Bay, I was not used the constant rocking. He said that he acclimated pretty quickly but after five minutes I had to move back to solid ground. I took a bunch of photos of the Bay Bridge and then headed off to school.

Saturday I took the train to San Jose to meet Adrienne and Katherine. We worked together at a preschool several years ago and have stayed in touch by getting for together for coffee dates and hanging out. This time we had to do a bit of traveling to meet up. Luckily we found a great place downtown that we could sit and talk at without feeling bad for camping out. I of course always love to take public transportation and for me that was half the fun. I took the Amtrak, CalTrain, and Bart to travel back and forth.

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