journal 11-27-07

Once home from my trip reality set in. OMG I have a lot of homework to do before Mondays classes. I have not slept well in a week. My emotional levels are haywire due to visiting with with my family, the stress of lots of homework and of course no sleep. Luckily I made it through with a little help from my friends and Calmes Forte.

Today I decided to treat myself to some adventuring and a pedicure. I walked with maiki up to the UC campus and then I went on my way towards Telegraph. I found a bakery that makes organic, home made vegan doughnuts. I tried one and it was just okay. I found a really nice nail salon on Telegraph that gives student discounts and got a pedicure. I think that the last time I did that for myself was two years ago. It was fun to sit in the massaging chair and just relax. Now I am going to make some pumpkin soup and then work on more homework.

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