holiday shopping commenced

Now that I am coming to the end of my classes I have had some time to think about my holiday shopping. I bought a few things in L.A. during the day after Thanksgiving shopping trip with my sisters but still have more presents to buy before the end of next week. Yesterday I went out and found a few things for my dad and brother but also purchased a present for me and maiki. I got a LC-A+ Lomo camera! It was something that we have wanted for a long time and thought it would be cool to have it for all the parties and upcoming road trip. We opened it up and immediately started taking pictures last night. It was dark but we didn’t care. Cannot wait to see it any of them turned out. We actually have a lot of film and I’m sure that we will go through it fast. I think that brings our camera total now to five. hehe, the more the merrier! *_*

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