book list 2022

read with Emma:
Little Princess
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Blue Willow
By The Great Horn Spoon
The Ballad of Lucy Whipple
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Totto Chan, the Little Girl at the Window
The Birchbark House
The Game of Silence

read alone:
Crying in H Mart
The Elegance of the Hedgehog
1/2 Great Expectations
Collective Wisdom
The Hours
The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Nora Roberts (double book)
The Little Book of Hygge
Braiding Sweetgrass
Kitchen Witch
Raising Good Humans
Little Beach Street Bakery
We All Want Impossible Things

This year I was sick for half of it but couldn’t really read. I kept up reading to Emma of course but alone I could give in to sleep. Also this was the year I discovered the magic of vacation reads. I would grab a book off the shelf of the many bookcases at my Dad’s senior apartment. Then I would retreat to the bedroom and read for a spell. In September I had use of the air conditioner, in December soft blankets. Emma is old enough for me to check out and would watch movies with Grandpa and not interrupt me. That was the best.

holiday trip to L.A.

Emma and I flew to Los Angeles and stayed with my Dad.

We visited Knott’s Berry Farm and it was really pretty all decorated.

We celebrated my neices Claire and Hallie’s birthday and met Hallie’s new baby.

We met my sister’s new pet, a young Saint Bernard and went out to dinner.

We went to the beach and the pier and watched the waves.

On Christmas Eve my Dad asked to take a selfie (!) before we went to the big party at my sister’s house.

On Christmas day we ate delicious cinnamon rolls, opened presents and had the best dinner.

We went to the airport that night and sat at the gate until our flight was cancelled at 1 am. Then we collected our luggage and took a taxi to my brother’s house. We were so tired and disappointed we were not home with maiki like we planned. The next day maiki drove to L.A. to come and pick us up!

It pretty much rained all day so we did not stop as much to adventure. We were so happy to be home again at the end of our trip.

celebrating December

December was magical. We made Christmas cards and holiday crafts. We went ice skating and had burgers after with friends. We saw the holiday lights on 4th street while the kids played tag and the adults sipped hot beverages and chatted it up. Emma was in a play that she helped to write. We watched a Christmas concert and another amazing production that blew my mind! I finished up a knitting project for a gift and collected all of my Christmas goodies. We had lunch with friends and talked for hours. We travelled to Los Angeles and watched a zillon old movies with my Dad. It was a rich time that I will cherish through the cold winter days.