little chapel at Children’s Fairyland




Emma Clover loves the little chapel (Chapel of Peace) at Children’s Fairyland. It has beautiful stained glass windows and small proportions. She likes to stand at the front (the altar) and perform as she has seen many other kids do as well. Today she sang Frere Jacques. The light was quite lovely and she noticed the colorful reflections on the ground. We were excited to find the little organ open today. It doesn’t make any sound but is still fun to play.



new phone, different camera

My lovely nexus 4 was dropped enough times to break the gorilla glass. Not only do I need a good sturdy case, I need a new screen. So it is going to Texas to get fixed up. In the meantime I have a replacement. I told maiki that any phone would be just fine but I am eating my words because I have already begun complaining about the camera on this one. I really just want an awesome camera that texts and occasionally takes calls. ^_^




Lake Temescal


On Wednesday we went with friends to Lake Temescal. It was my first time visiting and it is quite beautiful! The swimming part of the lake has been closed for the last four weeks due to blue algae but we didn’t know that before we arrived. Instead we had a picnic and the littles played in the sand—which is all Emma Clover and I ever want to do. Sun, food and a little adventure. ^_^




On Sunday afternoon we had an appointment with a professional silhouette artist at Mr. Mopps book store in Berkeley. The artist, Karl Johnson was taught by his father and has been very successful as its not very common any more. I heard about the event through 510 Families and was so excited for the opportunity. We arrived early as they had asked but then found out that they were running behind schedule. Poor Emma Clover was super patient for so long since we had to wait a while for our turn but then barely sat thirty seconds on the chair. Karl worked on her silhouette super quick and it came out really cute! ^_^

Will definitely post a better picture soon!