ice cream date



We walked to Piedmont Ave. and went to the famous Fenton’s creamery. We got petite cones (which were not so petite) in dutch chocolate and blueberry cheesecake. Afterwards we watched the folks making ice cream and other desserts through the glass. We went in around noon on Sunday and it wasn’t very crowded. It can get very busy though so I knew to go early. Ice cream for lunch!





Fenton’s was established in Oakland in 1894! I love the cute chairs and retro feel. I have wanted to visit for a long time, especially since it was featured in the Pixar movie Up!


saturday adventure

Today we went to the MOCHA (Museum of Children’s Arts) space AND rode the ferry! Fun times. ^_^


Emma made a book at the open art class. We filled it with many blank pages so that she could continue to draw in it in the future. I was very excited that we could made relief prints for the cover. I loved the printmaking class that I took and always want to practice it more.


We received passes for the ferry from the summer reading program. Emma held on to my ticket for me the whole time. And how cute is this vintage dress that I ordered from Etsy?! I love it so much on her!


We pointed out all the passing boats and went under the bridge. On the bus ride home (which goes directly to where we live) we drove over the new Bay bridge and could see the old one off to the side.


While in S.F. we ate lunch on a bench and people watched, bought blankets at Target (really ready for cold weather now!) and checked out public art in Soma.


This piece is entitled “Human Structures” by Jonathan Borofsky.



I remember walking down this street a lot as an art student and being so happy when I saw this sculpture between the tall buildings. I knew Clover would appreciate it since its colorful and so large in scale.



These three fellows are also nearby. They were made by Ugo Rondinonemy and are my favorite. Emma said they were monsters. ^_^

3601409848_73e234a1ae_b (This last picture was taken several years ago, which is why the landscaping is sparse ^_^).

experiments with a magnifying glass



We bought the magnifying glass at the hardware store right before our picnic at the rose garden. I used it to snap some pictures and modeled for Emma how to use it. Then she took and went off exploring on her own. I am not sure that she understands how to hold exactly but she knows what it is for. “Everything look bigger when you look through it” from Little Bear, where he finds Mother’s Bears lost button. ^_^