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making things

Painting egg carton cups again! Remember when we made mermaids? Emma is a little older and very interested in recreating this project. I got the idea initially from Pinterest. The mermaid idea looked fun and accessible for Emma. There were also egg carton flower garland that were beautiful. Painting has been quite therapeutic so we will probably dive into all sorts of creative projects in the coming weeks.

mermaids and things

Lately Emma has really been into mermaids and I think that this video that we watched might have had something to do with it. It is very beautiful and gets me excited to teach animation to Em when she is ready. I found this video on the blog of Kirsten Rickert, the creative director for the film. It was illustrated and animated by Michelle of Dancey Pants Disco.

Here are some more mermaid things that I have found.
Angelica, paper doll mermaid from the film.
Necklace, similar to a pricier one that Emma covets.
Sea life (in felt)
More paper doll theater