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Sakura Bloom & Marvelous Kiddo Giveaway

Today I won a giveaway from the blog Marvelous Kiddo. It was part of their Sakura Bloom Styleathon and they generously gave three lucky winners a linen sling from Sakura Bloom’s Pure Collection. maiki and I get to chose the color and it is a tough decision! We are leaning towards seaglass.

We are both really looking forward to babywearing and these slings look both beautifully made and easy to put on. From the beginning maiki and I have discussed not even getting a stroller and have remained confident that babywearing really is the best way is to hold baby Emma. Since we primarily walk everywhere I am sure that the sling will be well used!

I have really enjoyed discovering the blog Marvelous Kiddo and have read dozens (if not hundred+) birth stories from Leigh’s site! I was a bit obsessed in the beginning and feel that I now have a better understanding of the actual birth part that is to come. She also posts lots of classical art pieces that depict breast feeding women and shares openly how wonderful it is to be a breast feeding mother. I felt a connection when reading her blog and the stories of so many different women. I am so grateful to her site and now also for being a winner of her giveaway. The internets are full of inspiration and supportive folks!

Thank you Leigh of Marvelous Kiddo and Lynne Banach of Sakura Bloom for the linen sling!