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life advice for graduates

My twin nieces are graduating from high school soon. When I graduated from high school their mother gave me the “Life’s Little Instruction Book” so I thought that I could return the sentiment by writing up some of my own collected advice and wisdom to dispense to her children. I jotted down a list to share and solicit more little bits of insight to add to the list.

Taking care of your teeth (brush, floss, swish) will save you lots of money and painful dentist appointments.

Always keep pain reliever and tampons in your bag.

Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know something.

Back up your hard drives.

Watch “Remix: a Manifesto.” If you create things consider using a Creative Commons license.

Get into some kind of physical activity as a hobby to stay active (walk, swim, bike, tennis, yoga, dance, hike). Its way more fun than the gym.

Be gentle with the Earth.

Don’t look at the calendar. Just keep celebrating the every day.

Invest in quality pieces, they never go out of style. Thrift shops have a treasure trove of clothing that one can always afford and you may find some gems.

Get enough sleep (8 hrs +) and drink plenty of water to stay healthy. And wear sunscreen, your skin will look great.

Don’t get crazy amassing a lot of things. The things you own end up owning you. Instead invest in experiences, you will enjoy the memories over and over.

Eat the rainbow. Find lots of fruits and vegetables that you like.

Life is all about change and its never too late to learn something new.

Meditation helps one deal with everything. Deep breaths in and out.

Creative expression is free happiness. Make art, cook, dance, journal, sing, anything that you can imagine.

Check out the free museum days in your area (usually during the first week of the month).

Don’t forget that the public library has free movies, music and books. Read all kinds of books. Listen to all kinds of music.

Skip the coffee shops and make your own at home. Way cheaper to buy good coffee beans and cream or even way better tea.

Credit card debt sucks! Try to keep all debt at a minimum.

Don’t use social media as a diary. Future employers will google you.

Do blog and practice writing and using the internet to publish. Knowing WordPress will get you jobs.

It takes ten thousand hours to master a task, but you have to start somewhere. So start practicing to start getting better.

“Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail but every day is a new opportunity.”
-the Happiness Project


I feel like I have been absent from this space lately. Working full time, being a mother and taking care of a house can really fill a person’s time! This month and the end of last was filled with sickness in our home. I was even laid out with fevers for three days and two weeks later still feel like crap with a sinus thing and annoying cough. I bought some new vitamins today so that I could boost my immune system or something like that. Starting soon I will also be working part time. This decision was a long time coming and I could not be more ready for the change. I will have the chance to get a lot more rest (since Emma naps!) and spend a lot more time with my child. Maybe it will free up more time for blogging. ^_^ 

Here are a few of my favorite recent pictures to share. Emma can walk now and is growing up so fast. Also, I am on instagram as susanmagnolia. It is private and pretty much a feed of Emma photos but if I know ya I will gladly share!

long time, no write

I was so happily taken aback when I read this post on EZ’s blog called “Things I’m Afraid To Tell You.” I just felt like finally I could withstand reading my long list of design blogs again because the writers were finally being honest. Bri from DesignLoveFest wrote a similar post and I really enjoy that she always shares her true self and not just the pretty pictures. I don’t have a lot of time for blogs these days and I have been personally feeling uninspired by everything that I was seeing in my reader (except maybe graphic design on DesignWorkLife). I had been thinking so much about the reasons why I blog as well so I decided to make a list so I could weigh its importance.

I like having a visual scrapbook.
I like sharing my life with friends that I have in real life since I rarely see them.
I like that I own this place (my domain).
I like that I can be myself and share any interest that I may have.
I like having a record of my days around the sun.

So blog wins. I still don’t make time for it very often though. ^_^

Now onto why being a mom is the best/hardest job that I have ever had. Working 40 hours a week with children is exhausting on its own but being a mom on top of that is crazy hard. Ha! I love every second of my life with Emma Clover. I feel that when I see her I want to give her the world and I have energy for the both of us! Hopefully I have eaten/drank water/slept because taking care of her becomes my priority. I rarely feel that I have any extra time for lame chores like cleaning the cottage. I still hold myself accountable for these tasks though so that is my biggest struggle. Trying to let it go. Being with maiki and Emma is more important to me than anything else.

About to embark on a little trip (okay BIG trip) to So Cal. Hope it goes swimmingly.