I feel like I have been absent from this space lately. Working full time, being a mother and taking care of a house can really fill a person’s time! This month and the end of last was filled with sickness in our home. I was even laid out with fevers for three days and two weeks later still feel like crap with a sinus thing and annoying cough. I bought some new vitamins today so that I could boost my immune system or something like that. Starting soon I will also be working part time. This decision was a long time coming and I could not be more ready for the change. I will have the chance to get a lot more rest (since Emma naps!) and spend a lot more time with my child. Maybe it will free up more time for blogging. ^_^ 

Here are a few of my favorite recent pictures to share. Emma can walk now and is growing up so fast. Also, I am on instagram as susanmagnolia. It is private and pretty much a feed of Emma photos but if I know ya I will gladly share!

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