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erin jang

Check out this awesome poster that Erin Jang made for her nephew for his birthday. He loves the subway and knows all the lines and this poster shows his favorite places to visit. I am so jealous, I will have to make one for myself! On Erin’s flickr you can see photos from her nephews subway themed party and all the amazing work that she does. Her invitations are a must see.

egrets at play

Sometimes I realize that I am in fact getting older. Not just because I celebrated another birthday but that I am turning into a different person. I collect stamps and enjoy bird watching. I like to drink coffee and watch the squirrels in my backyard. I don’t like to drink and smoke and party anymore. I buy good wine when I can but to savor and eat with good cheese. Its funny to come to this realization. Anyhow I am in fact enjoying myself and have spent a lot more time being creative.