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a busy and unexpected week

This week has been packed with unexpected events and many trips (some planned) to the hospital (I am just 34 weeks along so no baby just yet!). I came down with a stomach flu and had to go to the hospital Tuesday night because I was very dehydrated. It was a much longer visit than we had anticipated but felt like it was overall a positive visit. The nurses were awesome and caring and we learned a tremendous amount about what being in Triage and Labor/Delivery is like. I had external monitoring of baby and I, many bags of IV fluid being pumped into me and lots of blood drawn. I had started having contractions so I even got a taste of what that feels like. They actually had to inject me with a drug to make the contractions stop. Through the whole process maiki was there by my side and so helpful. By Wednesday evening we were home again and relieved that baby Emma was fine and we could enjoy the comforts of our little cottage again.

Thursday evening we were back at the hospital for our first class and then again all day Saturday (today) for another day long class. I have got to say that I feel really prepared now and on track for Emma’s arrival. I have learned so, so much and maiki has been a great partner. There are a few anxieties with the unpredictability of birth but I feel good. I no longer am filled with fear by just walking through the hospital doors and know that it is a place filled with trained professionals that will take wonderful care of my family. I am also learning that Labor/Delivery is my hospital’s specialty.

I have about seven days of work left and then I will start my maternity leave. Its all going by so quickly! I have plans to attend as many prenatal yoga classes as I can fit in before Emma’s arrival. We need to go to Ikea one last time, and I need to set up the cloth diaper service. Other than that we are ready. I just finished washing all of her little clothes and organizing her things and I am sure much more nesting will occur in the coming weeks! ^_^