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home day

Its Monday and I am home with Emma. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and took the morning off to hang out.

I got up and took a shower before Emma woke up. Then we walked to my work to drop something off. Lots of children and parents at my school got the chance to see her and Emma was full of smiles for them. Afterwards we took a leisurely walk back down San Pablo, stopping for coffee at Caffe Trieste and window shopping all the way home.

a few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things right now. ^_^

Barefoot’s sunol decaf coffee at Cafe Yesterday.

My new Warby Parker glasses.

Stone fruit season! Loving all fruit, all the time since pregnancy began. Apricots and watermelon are this weeks favorites.

Soda with paper straws and delicious potato knishes from Saul’s Deilcatessan.

Yummy natural beauty products: peach lip balm, cucumber melon body wash, honey & milk soap.

Maternity jeans and pants. 18 weeks along and needing them very much!

Watching favorite shows with maiki. Naruto and Parks & Rec.