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six months

Here I am into my 24th week of pregnancy. Looking and feeling pretty big now. Everyone around me notices and gives away such good energy. People on the street smile. Its is a warm, fuzzy feeling. And I can feel baby Emma Clover kicking me all the time now! She is most active when I am washing dishes, right after dinner and when I lay down to sleep at night. maiki is dying to meet her! He always talks to her and gets so excited to feel her kicks. I am becoming a bit more anxious about the new few months. I am starting to feel a lot more growing pains, as my body stretches to make room for the growing person inside me. Sleep is becoming less wonderful and more achy. I dream that I am stiff and in pain. It is weird, but everything about pregnancy really is. The end of this journey will be a happy one. The miracle of life is worth all the strange symptoms. ^_^

baby clothes!

My little one has a new wardrobe. Almost entirely comprised of second hand clothing from two stores, Children’s Orchard in Manhattan Beach and Grove Street Kids in Berkeley. It has been super fun picking out little things for her to wear. Oh and by the way, we found out from the ultrasound that our little one is in fact a her—Emma Clover to be exact. I am so excited to share these new pieces as well as a few blankets and other things from the baby shower.

wooden toys

Most creatives that I know and/or read about talk about how when they were young they didn’t have a lot of toys and things so they used art supplies and the few treasured items that they had. They used their imaginations to dream and create. When maiki and I have talked about the kinds of toys and things that we want to share with our baby, they have all been the simplest of objects.  Wooden toys and blocks are these kind of toys and their benefits are well documented.  Besides fostering creativity and enhancing cognitive development, they feel great when you hold them. They are natural and long lasting and are not noisy and overstimulating. There are so many alternatives available to the plastic versions of cars, people, animals etc. on Etsy and other shops and I am excited to build our collection.

shopping for baby

I have started to buy a few things for the baby. First board books and then last weekend I picked up a few items of clothing at the local children’s consignment shop (great for maternity clothes too!) Traveling to LA in a couple weeks to visit family and they will be throwing us a baby shower. At only five months along, and only two days after out first ultrasound, we decided to go with gift cards/credits to the places we will shop. We decided early on to use Tiny Tots diaper service and they have a lovely store for registry as well. It will be nice if we receive credit to the diaper service!

Its hard not to pick out everything that I want and get it now. However we have a small cottage and do not yet have room to bring in all of the baby’s new stuff yet. Looking into storage solutions, cleaning out everything and honing in on the things that we will really need for baby. Picked out a crib at Ikea last weekend and the only other big furniture item we would like is a rocking chair. Need to start combing craigslist!

The one thing that I am set on getting is a summer blanket and/or quilt from Muny. Gosh I love their products so very much. ^_^