Clover lately in photos

I have been taking Emma to school in the morning and picking her up each afternoon. It has been quite cold and we wear all of our layers. On the walk to school we see turkeys on the walk home we see cats. It is a good time to chat and hear about her school days.

Some Saturdays we hang out with Judy. This particular afternoon in Temescal we showed her our favorite places, like the reuse store, Baggu store and Ruby’s Garden. We had just made snickerdoodles cookies and eaten quite a few so we had to skip Curbside Creamery.

Here she is with her beloved ice cream fish at the Koreana plaza marketplace where we bought a large fifteen pound bag of rice. Thankfully we brought it home in our cool rolling cart. Here is an older picture of Clover eating ice cream fish from 2014.

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