park with papa while I sit on the sidelines


Emma Clover loves when maiki is with her at the park. He brings a totally different kind of fun energy than mama. I am always grateful for all of maiki’s help but especially since I have been laid out since Friday afternoon with the dreadful back problems. One day after my 37th b-day and here I am complaining about back pain like I am 97. But I guess this has been the case since I was a server in my early 20s. Feeling completely capable and then bam—out on the floor for a few days at best.

Last year when maiki was in the last weeks leading up to launching a large site for his publisher client my back went out. Now with less than a week before launch of another big site for them, here I am again in the same situation. This time around I am considering that maybe its more than a coincidence. Maybe it is stress. A direct result of trying to do it all without bothering him. I already have a hard time asking for help as it is but then my back problems flare up and I wish I was less stubborn. Also my child is so big now and I find myself pushing her plus groceries in a rickety stroller up a huge hill to get home. I suppose that strength training and yoga at home should be higher on my list of priorities. That gym membership also sounds like a good investment now. Ah well, for now I am going to go lay on my heating pad and hope Emma is forgiving of her mama that has a low constitution. ^_^

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