spring semester and a trip to the bar

As you have most likely noticed, I have been super excited to talk about graphic design lately. This week began the spring semester for me at the Academy of Art and it my second semester studying graphic design there. When I began this journey I was undecided about which part of the design world I wanted to be a part of. Last spring it occurred to me that graphic design was where it was at for me so I switched majors from computer arts & new media. I realized that I love print design and packaging and am much more passionate about them. It was a wonderful moment and I have never looked back. This semester I am taking History of Graphic Design, Typography 1 and Digital Photography. I am really excited and inspired by my new professors.

Last weekend maiki and I visited the Magnolia Brewery on Haight St. in San Francisco. It was a surprising place and I was enamored with the designed typographic elements (seen in the menu, etc.). It was modern and cool, but older elements of the architecture remained. The print identity, designed by NY’s Nothing Something, was sophisticated and reflected this place beautifully. It was quite a moment for me. I worked at a restaurant for a long time so I am picky to say the least. People tease me that I will never get good service but its not always true (and I am always very grateful when I do). Magnolia’s had it all for me: good beer, good music, curry nuts, and a lovely atmosphere. I will be sure to return!

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