25 random things

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25 Random Things:

1. I am the youngest of six children. My parents had five HS aged and up kids when they became pregnant with me. I became an aunt at 3.

2. My first love has always been photography. In HS I learned darkroom techniques. I also worked as a photographer for the local city newspaper for 3 yrs.

3. My first job was as a waitress and I loved it dearly. I was even given an award of excellence from the Tourist Board of California for customer service.

4. I went to a community college with no idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I eventually got an AA in Child Development.

5. I am divorced but still friends with my ex. He was a part of my life for a long time and I appreciate that.

6. Even though I had a shared computer I never really used one until my friend maiki introduced me to flickr and 43 things in Jan 06. I bought my first computer later that year, a 20 in. iMac.

7. I went to Germany when I was in the third grade for a month with my parents, aunt&uncle and two cousins. I brought my school work with me and we traveled all over the country and to London for a few days. I went to the Oktoberfest and drank orange Fanta.

8. maiki introduced me to anime and it changed my life. I joke that the reason I chose to go to art school was because of Honey & Clover. I still watch Bleach and Naruto every week after its released in Japan.

9. I am an aunt of nineteen children and I have worked with about a hundred different children. They are all very special to me however I still doubt that I will ever have any children of my own.

10. I love to cook and eat but I have a bit of a limited diet. I am lactose intolerant and chose to not eat meat. It makes it hard sometimes to order food in many restaurants.

11. In HS I learned some Spanish and used it more while working in the restaurant. I want to learn Japanese next and think that through reading subtitles and hearing it spoken in anime helps a lot!

12. I finally decided what I really want to be when I grow up and that is a Graphic Designer. I hope to someday work and get paid instead of just going to school!

13. I am a character in a web comic called one more robot. My housemates have created something amazing and its based on the five of us all living together.

14. I have a tattoo of a butterfly on my stomach that I got when I was 18. I really want more of them, but I am scared of the pain.

15. I think that the funnest job that I have ever had was to plan my wedding. People were surprised at how mellow of a bride I was. It was just like a big party for 150.

16. I began blogging on Vox in Oct. of 2006 and loved it. I still have a blog but its on my own domain.

17. I think that Facebook is lame sauce but I like it for networking. It has been a great resource in getting in touch with really old friends and peers.

18. Since I worked in a bar when I turned 21 I have pretty much tried all the alcohol that I want to. I really enjoy certain drinks every now and then but not in as often. I loves me some dark beer or red wine. New fave is sake/ginger ale!

19. My sister Barbara has always been one of my best friends. She is like 16 yrs older than me but we are still very close.

20. I love all kinds of different music. My obsession for the last couple yrs has been the soundtrack to Samurai Champloo with hip hop by Nujabes, Fat Jon & Tsutchie. It dominates my last.fm.

21. I am a big fan of Ray Manzarek and the Doors. I have seen him live twice in very small venues where he played liked twenty feet away. My parents are only two years older than Ray Manzarek. It doesn’t seem possible.

22. I have become quite geeky as of late. I have been indoctrinated by my housemates into a culture that has inspired and invigorated me creatively.

23. I love the taste of coffee and been drinking it daily on and off since high school. It is not good for me but I am addicted. I stop for a week, a month, or a year and go right back to it. Its the only substance that I have gotten hooked on.

24. When I was 19, I decided that I would stop paying for cable because it was just too expensive and I haven’t had TV since. Nowadays I pay for an internet connection and download the shows that I like to watch (on a computer monitor or with the projector).

25. In two weeks I am changing my name for the second time in my adult life. I will legally known as Susan Magnolia.

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