finally feels like summer

I went out and picked up a new bicycle last week. I realized that walking two miles to the Bart station with a heavy backpack three days a week was probably going to get old fast. Don’t get me wrong, I love to walk but when I have a scheduled time to be somewhere I want to get there as quickly and as efficiently as I can—esp. if I am lugging stuff around with me. Jason accompanied me to Performance Bike and I picked out a new one. Ever since then I have been riding everywhere (Trader Joe’s, Costco, Target, downtown, etc.)! I had so missed the freedom and independence that a bicycle brings me. My favorite place to ride is along the Bay Trail because it is the most scenic and the weather has been so nice. I even rediscovered a little beach just past Golden Gate Fields and have spent a few afternoons since laying in the sun, listening to the waves crash onto the beach. Finally the weather is warm and it feels like summer.

Being at the beach is what summer feels like to me. I have never lived more than a mile from the Pacific Ocean. Since moving to the East Bay I have found that there are very few places that have sand along the coast. I am close to the water but it is breezy and cool and does not compare to the warm and sandy beaches that I am accustomed to. Also I was so happy to discover that my little spot is not well traveled during the week. This semester I will have two days off in the middle of the week and plan to return here to relax and unwind from my busy schedule.

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  1. Susan! I went to three or four bike shops today and couldn’t find aaanything, so I’m going to check out Performance Bike tomorrow! I’m so glad they’re open until 9.

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