Winter Blues

I have decided that I don’t like the rain as much as I thought I did. It has been raining so much this month! Yesterday was one of the first days that I was able to go out for a bike ride without fearing that it could pour at any moment.

I have also realized that as of late that I like to sleep in and then leave the house as soon as possible. I have felt so restricted because I am not used to worrying so much about the weather. I like winter clothes and layering with scarves and jackets is enjoyable. However once you get wet you feel cold and it doesn’t go away until you’re safely back inside the house under the lava blanket. The last time I rode my bike to Trader Joe’s it rained on the way back and raindrops were even falling in my eyes and ears. It sucked! It’s times like these that contribute to me wanting a car again.

Last week Kimi and Justin were house sitting in Santa Cruz and the rest of Cloud Ninth decided that we needed to go and visit them. It pretty much rained the whole time and I was very blue. Apparently we didn’t travel far enough away to escape winter.

Today it has been sunny and dry and I was able to walk over to the post office and the library without my umbrella and go for a bike ride downtown. It was wonderful to feel warm enough in the sun to actually take off my sweater. It may not last for long but I am so thankful for the break!

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