plastic recycling

In researching plastic recycling in Berkeley I was amazed to discover that some of the plastics that I have been putting out every week are not actually recyclable containers. The list that I read said this:

Plastic Bottles – Recycle narrow necked bottles, such as water, soda, milk, juice and detergent bottles. These bottles will be marked with a Recycling symbol #1 found on plastic items or Recycling symbol #2 found on plastic items symbol on the bottom.

I assumed that the containers that yogurt and tofu come in would be okay but they did not make the list. Then I read this article written by the Ecology Center and was horrified. Our society loves to use plastic for everything!

I have tried to be so conscious in the past year, using cloth bags at the grocery store and reusing plastic bags too but it is doesn’t seem like enough anymore. I am really frustrated now because I know the community overall is hardly doing its part. At least I can say that the two places that I have lived in the past few years have offered both curbside recycling and have placed a ban on Styrofoam. I am not sure what my next step is but again I am excited about my new bento box to use for lunches this semester because it will keep me from eating out and wasting more resources.

Also, just read this article about a fellow who kept his trash for a year to find out just how much that would add up to. A little extreme but definitely effective.

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