reflections on my holiday trip

We went to Oceanside and L.A. for the the holidays again this year but spent a much shorter time away from home which was lovely. We also chose to drive rather than fly because LAX is hectic and road trips are infinitely more fun than waiting in line. Overall it was really fun and maiki is an awesome traveling companion.

First we stayed with Alaina and Victoria and that was really cool. I enjoyed taking lots of pictures of the ferrets. They are so funny to watch. Next we visited my family and that was hectic but enjoyable. I only wanted to stay a few days with my family this trip because the holidays are particularly intense, and I much prefer to spend time with them one-on-one rather than the large group all at once like at Christmas time. It seemed quick but I could not have lasted another day away from my Berkeley home.

The day after Christmas we went to Little Tokyo before the drive home and went to the Japanese American National Museum to see the Giant Robot exhibit. I loved it and was surprised that I actually knew of all the artists that were being presented. maiki and I did some shopping and I got to eat lots of melon pan—which is one of my most favorite treats.

When we returned to Berkeley I was so filled with happiness to be home. I was back with those that I feel understand me the most. It is where I can be comfortable with friends, or not, and there is no expectation. It is also a place that has clean air and organic food and that is a beautiful thing.

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